Our Processes

We further the tradition of Mexican cooking

We produce our own raw ingredients through artisanal methods. With them we guarantee a high quality in our dishes while we contribute to preserve the identity of our gastronomy.


Since its beginnings El Cardenal has produced its own tortillas, undergoing all the process from the selection of corn, the setting of nixtamal, as well as the grinding and elaboration.

Nata and cheese

The nata (creamy layer of milk) is made daily from the boiling and sitting of excellent quality fresh milk from our own stables, undergoing strict health standards. We produce the cheese that garnishes our “molcajetes” with green sauce, which are already a tradition of El Cardenal for lunch, as well as other dairy products.

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We have our own bakery which both produces the bread that is consumed in the mornings (croissants, “conchas”, anise rolls, cinnamon rolls, “semitas”, fig danish) as well as for lunch (bread rolls, anise ring-shaped pastries, sesame biscuits).


Chocolate is a fundamental part of our breakfast shift. It is produced for the restaurants’ consumption and sold to our costumers with the brand name of  Doña Oliva. ®




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