Lunch and Dinner

A delicious taco filled with green sauce and generous strips of fresh cheese and avocado, crested with a touch of coriander and onion, is the perfect way to begin our hearty meals.

El Cardenal’s kitchen seeks to evoke the Mexican province. Our dishes, served with distinction, recreate recipes from along most of the Mexican territory and dignify our national-popular cuisine.


We can suggest you as a starter:

º Escamoles al epazote (ant roe seasoned with epazote)

º Queso tapado (a big, round cheese wrapped in squash and banana leaves)

º Tacos sudados (tacos filled with minced turkey meat, wrapped in banana leaves)



Continue with one of our traditional soups:

º Fideo seco (dry vermicelli pasta seasoned with chipotle chili sauce)

º Verdolagas con pollo (soup of green tomatillo and purslane served with diced chicken breast)

º Seca de elote (“dry soup” of corn kernels)


Then, as a main course:

º Lomo de robalo a la talla (grilled snook loin marinated in a mixture of lime juice and dry chilies)

º Chile relleno a la oaxaqueña (ancho chili filled with chopped pork cooked with spices and covered with mole coloradito sauce)

º Pechuga de pollo rellena de queso de cabra con mole coloradito (chicken breast filled with goat cheese, covered with mole coloradito sauce)


And finish with a succulent dessert:

º Mexican sorbets of seasonal fruits

º Pastel de tres leches (cake made of condensed milk, curd and cajeta)

º Pan de elote (pie of corn kernels that can be served with nata)

º Pastel de chocolate de la casa (cake made with Doña Oliva®, the chocolate of the house)



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