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Dear visitor: You have arrived at this house, to this table. It is your house and it is your table. On them you shall see an endless number of “Cinderellas” of national-popular Mexican food pass before your eyes. They have been dressed in festive clothes to be rediscovered by you. They are fruit of our people’s culture and creativity. You might have seen them before in humble homes and wealthy houses, at markets and squares, wearing their everyday garments or Sunday dresses.


When you see them and try to recognize them, dear guest, don’t do it in such a way that hurts their dignity. You have almost no need of all the silverware that lavishly ornaments other tables. Something more simple, smooth and delicate is enough. Don’t you remember that we were made from corn?*


*This phrase refers to the “Popol Vuh”, sacred book of the Maya, which narrates the creation of  man out of corn.

Oliva Garizurieta de Briz - founder

Independence month, 1969.




Breakfasts at El Cardenal recreate the Mexican table. Chocolate Doña Oliva, the just baked pastries and the thick "natas" from fresh milk make up a tasty combination.

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El Cardenal’s kitchen seeks to evoke the Mexican province. Our dishes, served with distinction, recreate recipes from along most of the Mexican territory and dignify our national-popular cuisine.

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We further the tradition of Mexican cooking

We produce our own raw ingredients through artisanal methods. With them we guarantee a high quality in our dishes while we contribute to preserve the identity of our gastronomy.

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